Antimicrobial Tube Blanket

$66 $165

With LEIGH SilverWear™

Color: Soft Slate

The highlights

  • Made to be worn as a scarf or wrap
  • Poly-nylon stretch knit woven with natural silver yarn
  • Ionic+ ™ Antimicrobial/Anti-Odor
  • Portable / folds down into a small roll

Wrap yourself in comfort, warmth, and peace of mind. Made to be worn as a scarf or wrap UNTIL you let it drop to become completely cocooned in sheer softness and protection during your travels or just a snuggle. Our LEIGH SilverWear™ soft-knit blankets are woven with the same Ionic+™ silver yarn as our facial masks and linings of all LEIGH bags. Think of it as a shield between you and all the elements wherever and whenever you need it. 

Our Travel Tube Blanket is:

  • Antimicrobial (stays fresh and odor-free all day)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dual layer
  • Reusable / washable
  • Breathable
  • Wicking
  • Reversible
  • Unisex
  • One size
  • Poly-nylon stretch knit woven with natural silver yarn
  • Portable / folds down into a small roll
  • Machine or hand wash / hang dry

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Here's how it works:
When Ionic+™ silver comes in contact with microbes, the silver releases ions prevent bacterial growth on the soft surface of your blanket. This self-sanitizing process is continuous, keeping your blanket clean and odor-free throughout the day. Our SilverWear™ technology will never wear out, no matter how many times it is washed. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE SCIENCE IN ALL OUR LEIGH PRODUCTS.


36" wide by 72" tall

Ionic+™ is made by permanently bonding 99.9% pure metallic silver to the surface of fiber. It is not a nanotechnology, chemical spray or complex formula—just silver.

Besides effective, LEIGH's custom Ionic+™ linings and SilverWear™ tech knits are truly beautiful, durable, soft to the touch and easy clean. It won't wear off, wash off or fade. 

Learn more about the science in all LEIGH products.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If we are are not completely happy with your LEIGH product(s) during the first three months, you are welcome to return any and all, free of charge, within 90 days. We call this our 90-day travel trial. 

Learn more here.

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