Antimicrobial 3-Piece Travel Set

$112.50 $225
Color: Soft Deep Navy

Save 30% when you purchase our LEIGH SilverWear™ Travel Set:

Travel with comfort, ease, and peace of mind. Our LEIGH SilverWear™ soft-knit neck Seamless Mask, Neck Pillow, and Tube Blanket are woven with the same Ionic+™ silver yarn as our linings of all LEIGH bags. Use all every time you travel for a clean, safe way to to relax, maybe even doze off! 

Ionic+™ is made by permanently bonding 99.9% pure metallic silver to the surface of fiber. It is not a nanotechnology, chemical spray or complex formula—just silver.

Besides effective, LEIGH's custom Ionic+™ linings and SilverWear™ tech knits are truly beautiful, durable, soft to the touch and easy clean. It won't wear off, wash off or fade. 

Learn more about the science in all LEIGH products.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If we don't solve your shoe-packing stress, please return your item, free of charge, within 90 days. We call this our 90-day travel trial. 

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