Must Have Accessories for Your Next Flight

Whether you fly business class, first-class or economy, being surrounded by creature comforts is sure to make your flight more enjoyable. We may not be able to control a baby crying, a cramped overhead compartment or the traveler in front of you binge watching Inventing Anna on full volume, but there are a few BYO amenities that can make your flight more comfortable. We’ve assembled some of our favorites here:

Apple AirTag

Are you a triple-checker, as in, you make sure, multiple times, that you’ve packed your charger, your wallet, important documents, EpiPens, your keys and more? Apple AirTags are small, disk-shaped smart trackers you can attach to almost anything then locate on your smartphone with a simple tap of your Find My app. 

In terms of privacy, location data isn’t stored on AirTags, they have unique Bluetooth identifiers that change frequently, and the Find My network app uses end-to-end encryption. AirTags are also perfect if you're traveling with a little one as you can attach one to their backpack or travel bag to make sure it doesn’t get left behind at the gate!

Face Mist

There’s nothing quite like being trapped in a metal tube at high altitude sharing air with hundreds of strangers for hours on end. To keep your wits about you, your hydration should be on point – but that shouldn’t end with drinking tons of water. Hydrate your skin throughout your flight with a face mist to refresh and rehydrate at any time. There are a ton of options out there, from easy grab-and-go mists at the drugstore to completely lux brands. 

Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist from Supergoop ($16) is a weightless, ultrafine face mist that does triple duty: it contains SPF 40 so you can simply reapply your UV protection as needed, it sets your makeup, and it gives skin an instant-refresher. Another option comes from the standard in hydration: Evian. This facial spray ($13) provides a micro-droplet mist of pure Evian water that boosts skin's hydration instantly, is hypo-allergenic, and fits perfectly in your carry on. 

Travel Pillow

Take our word for it: not all travel pillows are created equal. While everyone can appreciate nodding off on a long flight on a soft shelf made for resting your face, your skin’s natural oils and make up transfer to the pillow and if you’re not washing it frequently, it’s akin to using the same makeup brushes over and over again without washing them (in a word, ew). 

LEIGH’s SilverWear™ soft-knit neck pillows are woven with the same Ionic+™ silver yarn as our facial masks and linings of all LEIGH bags. Rest assured, they are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and offer a clean, safe way to relax. They’re comfy, dual layer and the covers are machine washable, so you can lay back and catch some z’s with ease. 

Passport Holder

We classifypassport holders a “must have accessory” for your next flight for one reason: they’re so darn cute! But the truth is there are a lot of practical benefits to using one. 

First, a colorful passport holder makes this critical document easy to find in your bag, especially when you’re going through customs and have your luggage, carry-on and other things at hand. Second, many have extra pockets to hold credit cards, ID, money or vaccination documents, so you can easily keep everything in one central place. Lastly, passport covers offer a layer on anonymity as your passport color gives away your country away with one quick glance. 

There are tons on the market but we love this vegan leather one from Mark & Graham as you can personalize it with your initials. 

Cozy Blanket 

These days, most travelers are hyper-conscious of cleanliness and sanitation whether traveling by bus, car, train or plane. When flying the friendly skies, it’s been advised to keep your air vent on at all times to avoid microorganisms from lingering, but that can also make you chilly (especially when the cabin may already be cool). While it’s tempting to ask for a cozy blanket, it’s been reported that most airlines don’t clean the blankets daily (or between flights). 

Your safest bet is bringing your own cozy blanket, so LEIGH set out to create a practical, compact solution. Our antimicrobial tube blanket was specifically made to be worn as a scarf or wrap until you let it drop to become completely cocooned in sheer softness and protection during your travels – or anywhere. Think of it as a shield between you and all the elements wherever and whenever you need it, and best of all, it folds down into a small roll making it easy to stash away.

Traveling can be stressful these days, but with a few fun, fab and functional accessories, you can sit back, relax and look forward to arriving at your next destination in style!  (And use promo code BLOG25 to save 25% on The LEIGHway Collection and all Masks & Accessories through March 20, 2022). 

As always, happy and safe travels!

- Andrea E. McHugh


Andrea E. McHugh is a travel and lifestyle writer, food editor and content creator whose work has appeared in USA Today, Family Circle, Yankee Magazine, Yahoo! News, MSN, Travel Pulse, The Hartford Courant, Providence Journal and Daily Candy in addition to appearing on Good Morning America, featured in Conde Nast Traveler and more. She’s the founder of And in her free time (lol), Andrea blogs for LEIGH 2-3 times per month (lucky us)! 

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