How to Perfectly Pack For an Overnight

Let’s face it: many of us can be guilty of over packing. For some, it's a matter of waiting until the last minute then simply tossing everything in your line of sight into your bag. For others, it might be the unpredictability of weather in your final destination. And then there’s always the folks that just need to have every wardrobe option available at their fingertips (guilty!).

We judge not. And are here to help!

Over the years, we have learned a lot of usable, real tips to pack the perfect overnight bag. You see, LEIGH’s evolution took its cue from the hustle bustle of frequent fliers in and out of two busy Northeast airports: Bradley International in Connecticut (BDL) and T. F. Green International (PVD) in Rhode Island. Whether traveling for an overnight or a week-long conference, these Million Milers have packing down to an art, and LEIGH bags were designed by travelers, for travelers, ensuring everything has its place.

The LEIGHway XL Backpack is significantly roomier than your standard backpack (and decidedly more chic!) and thus, ideal for a quick overnight trip. It’s also the perfect solution for when you’re going to have to go straight from the office to an event and need a quick change of clothes. 

We’ve put together some of our tried and true tips for packing an overnight bag to help you make sure that next time you’re on your LEIGHway, you’ll have everything you need – and nothing more.

Start at the Bottom: Shoes

First, identify the shoes that you need to bring. Do you have an important meeting on the agenda? A hike with a friend (don’t worry, LEIGH’s antimicrobial liner eliminates odor)? A special event that calls for your best heels? All three? Assess what pairs you need and set those shoes aside so you can get a better sense of the sum of space required.

Work Your Way Up: Clothing

Choose your wardrobe wisely! Start by laying out complete outfits so nothing gets left behind. For example, if you plan to squeeze in a workout, be sure you have everything from running socks to T-shirt. Then, set each complete outfit aside to determine what will take up the most space. TIP: athletic wear is ideal for rolling when you pack. Most performance wear is wrinkle-free and you can tuck these pieces in the backpack’s nooks and crannies.

Consider “bundling” your other outfits. That means laying out the entire outfit, stacking it neatly, then folding it in one complete bundle so that no component gets left behind. Remember: trousers and jeans take up the least amount of space when folded in thirds or when rolled.

Let’s Mention the Unmentionables

Is there anything worse than unpacking your overnight bag only to realize you’ve left your undergarments behind? Like your other clothing categories, lay everything out in advance to ensure you have the right undergarments for your selected outfits and activities. There are two methodologies here: place your undergarments with the outfit they are intended for, or separate all undergarments into one area. It’s not about what is right or wrong, but what works visually best for you.

Just The Basics: Toiletries

When packing for an overnight, toiletries should be limited. Nearly all hotels provide hair dryers in-room, so no need to take up precious space in your bag with one. Sure, you’ll need your toothbrush and toothpaste, plus any makeup and prescriptions, but do a quick audit to consider what absolutely has to make the trip.

Wear and Layer:  Thinking Smart from Head to Toe 

With your things laid out in front of you, your bulkiest items should be evident. Consider wearing your bulkiest items for travel to your destination. Boots and sneakers, for example, take up considerable space, so try wearing the footwear that would otherwise take up a lot of room.

When it comes to travel-day wardrobe, layer as much as possible. Not only will you be prepared for a chilly airplane cabin or train car, but you can shed layers as needed.

Last But Not Least:  Gadgets, Wallets, Etc.

Last but not least, make sure to lay-out items like charging cords, electronics, wallet, passport, work badge, and vaccination card. Consider packing a quality mask if flying or taking a train/bus, rather than wait until the last minute to purchase. (We make high quality masks and travel accessories that are antimicrobial, breathable, and hypoallergenic).

Smooth Operator:  The Act of Packing

Now, it’s time to pack your LEIGH XL backpack. Place the bulkiest items at the bottom preceded only if there’s an extra pair of shoes. Lightest items should be at the top. If you’ve packed in bundles, adopt the same philosophy, with your heaviest bundle at the base. The backpack provides a designated padded space for your laptop & zipper picket for cords. And remember to use the outside back zipper pocket for safe and secure packing of your wallet, keys, tickets and necessities. Pack shoes upright in the designated compartments to prevent crushing and odor/dirt to touch clean clothes (you have two great spots) and you’ll find everything has its place. See website for multiple product views.

The Moral of The Story

Packing for a short trip can be daunting but by taking a step back, accessing your needs, and knowing your backpack has a designated compartment for all your needs should help ensure everything you want and need makes the cut.

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