The ShoeCase

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Your trip is here. You shift from planning to packing mode. Your brain immediately goes to shoes. You feel the stress builds. You think about all you're doing on this trip, and just like that your carry-on is practically full. Then comes the painful ritual of removing some of your faves because you're afraid of crushing them. The sole survivors get stuffed with socks and placed in plastic bags. We've all been there. Shoe Packing Stress (SPS) is real.


We knew there had to be a better way. A way that protects your best shoes ... the ones you saved up for, the lucky pair you wear to make a presentation, the fancy ones you wear for a night on the town, the sneakers you take walks in to get some "me time." What if there were one travel bag that fits them all?


Our patent pending LEIGH ShoeCase is your dream come true: a new kind of luggage that solves "SPS".  Shoes fit vertically into the ShoeCase, accommodating 3 to 6 pairs. Our innovative, adjustable system allows you to slide the shoe dividers so that each pair rests in a separate compartment fit for its size. Plus, all LEIGH ShoeCases are thoughtfully lined with the world's leading anti-odor technology ... after all, we’re talking about shoes. And the ShoeCase can be brought as a personal item on most major carriers. Shop now for more details.