We've learned quite a bit during our travels, including that our love of shoes and packing aren’t always a good fit.
Sometimes it can be downright stressful.
So we made it our mission to solve “shoe packing stress." 
We watched, asked, and listened to create the perfect travel bags for your shoes.


    NeatLEIGH in special compartments
    SafeLEIGH to prevent crushing
    SeparateLEIGH from clothes, away from dirt/odor
    SmartLEIGH lined with X-STATIC® 
    BeautifuLEIGH made to be durable yet lightweight

    The first of our innovative travel bags is now available, the LEIGH ShoePak. Much more than a traditional backpack, it has 3 compartments for multiple shoes and other must-carry essentials. Perfect to lighten up your luggage and travel hands-free, with all the style and sensibility of a chic daypack or overnight bag. Shop Now

    The best part ... every LEIGH ShoeCase has a real silver lining. We have partnered with Noble Biomaterials, Inc. to give you the same X-STATIC® Anti-Odor Technology used by NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes. So no matter how much your shoes may smell, your LEIGH bag will not. Learn more about the power of silver.

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    Tracey Cugno
    Founding Designer