How to organize more items in a smaller bag while traveling

Are you a wanderluster? Or someone who thinks travel is essential to a fulfilling life? If yes, then you implicitly understand how the experience of travel offers such an incredible opportunity to explore new places, culture,  and meet new people. You also understand how important it is to travel with the right luggage, and the excitement (and sometimes stress) of making a packing list. Packing with “carry-on only” bags offers so many benefits, but how to fit it all?  Surprisingly we have a great list of ideas that will guide you in organizing important items in small bags without any issues.

The Most Efficient Ways To Pack Smaller Bags While Traveling

Choose a travel bag that is versatile and smartly designed-

The best small travel bags have many pockets to help you organize your big and small things. Small items tend to fall to the bottom of the bag, so you must ensure your bag has separate pockets with easy and safe access.

Take inventory of your essential travel items-

At least one day before putting anything in your bag, lay out all the items you plan to take on a flat surface. This policy ensures you don't bring too much or too little and allows you to eliminate the excess, as well as duplication.

Know how to fold-

Folding clothes that could roll is considered one of the common packing mistakes travelers could make. Tightly fold items such as T-shirts, pajamas, casual pants, and dresses to optimize small bag space and avoid creasing. First, fold heavy items (such as jeans) and place them at the bottom. Follow with thinner folded items on top of those to make it smoother to close your bag. 

Place dirty shoes away from your clothes-

Ideally, you wish to place your shoes in a different area of your small bag than your clothes, and fortunately, there are options out there. Look for brands with special compartments for shoes, especially ones that have anti-odor linings, like LEIGH Travel.

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Maximize space for accessories and undergarments-

Roll socks inside shoes and operate nooks and crannies for small things, such as underwear, workout gear, swimwear, or scarves, which can be tucked and wrapped into the corners of your small bag. If you bring a hat, place it upside down in the middle of the bag —pack smaller items inside it and clothing around it to hold its shape. Hair tools, brushes, and belts can be placed around the edges and between clothes. 

Pack breakable items in the center of the case-

This makes them less likely to break. You can also wrap them in shirts or other clothing to provide extra cushioning and protection. Items like sunglasses or eyeglasses are too important to not treat carefully.

compression bags

Bring a Toiletry kit-

It makes life so much easier! Whether you're staying with friends (where you shouldn’t spread out all your personal items), or have a private bathroom but very limited counter space, this item really comes in handy, especially if made of a soft and flexible water-resistant material. 

Compression Bags are essential-

Compression bags are plastic bags that are advantageous with an added vacuum-packing feature. They ensure you can sort your clothes into appropriate separate areas and remove outside air, so they take up less space.

Tote bags

Small Packing is Happy Packing:


Try these tips to keep your smaller travel bags maximized and organized while you travel. And with practice, if you learn some new packing methods that work best for you, be sure to share them with us!

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